About Szagorski’s

We make – State of the Art Peppers!!!
Szagorski’s Peppers was inspired by a family recipe from Eastern Europe that has been around for generations and enjoyed in the U.S. since 1975. Szagorski’s uses a unique mixture of ingredients along with hot Hungarian Wax peppers and variety of spices that presents a distinctive sweet and spicy flavor that is like no other.

Our product is currently being sold at several locations throughout Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Maryland and Indiana. Check out our Where to Buy section for an up to date list. Production and Sales of Szagorski’s Peppers are managed in the heart of central Ohio.

Szagorski’s fresh and straight forward list of ingredients contains no artificial preservatives and simply includes: Water, Vinegar, Hungarian Peppers, Sugar, Garlic, Spices, Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Szagorski's supports local music at CW Farmers's Market.