What’s Cookin’

Szagorski’s tries to not take things too seriously (after all we’re talking about pickled peppers here) so instead of formal recipes, here is a list of some of our favorite things to put Szagorski’s peppers in, besides directly into our mouth.

Chicken Pesto Pizza – Sauté chicken with onion and fresh garlic, basil pesto instead of tomato sauce, add your favorite toppings including Szagorski’s peppers of course.  We like cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach.  Top with freshly shredded Mozzarella cheese before baking.  Deeelicious!!

Roast Beef Sandwich – Lean roast beef with all the usual fixins but add onion, horseradish and Szagorski’s.  WOW!

Dogs ‘n’ Brats – For a whole new taste sensation at a barbeque or tailgate.

Szagorski’s Blue Burger –  Add Szagorski’s Peppers to any burger.  This one has blue cheese…yum.

Omelets – everyone loves omelets with lots of stuff inside, why not Szagorski’s too?

Quesadillas – Of COURSE!

Meat Loaf – Livens up most any common comfort food.

And last but not least, Filet Mignon a la Szagorski’s!   Filet Mignon cooked to desired tenderness topped with a mild cheese such as Havarti and plenty of Szagorski’s Peppers.  Great with a slightly chilled bottle of Pinot Noir…Bon appétit!!

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